Opportunity for Colorado residents to inform a senator

Consider specific people in the fusion research community, business, or politics who should be made aware of polywell research, and how we might reach them.

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Opportunity for Colorado residents to inform a senator

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Colorado senator Ken Salazar is asking for input on renewable energy.

If you live in Colorado, this is a good chance for you to tell him a bit about polywell fusion research. If you do, please keep these points in mind:

- Be brief.
- Don't make extravagant claims; project cautious optimism, and portray the research as something worth looking into.
- Consider pointing out that the research is being funded by the Navy, but at a minimal level, and there may be opportunities for Colorado to get involved.

In short, get your point across, but try not to sound like a crank. :) Ken's a smart guy and may listen, or at least learn a bit more about it, which can't hurt. (For what it's worth, I live in Colorado and have already written him.)
Joe Strout
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