Google+ Hangout

Consider specific people in the fusion research community, business, or politics who should be made aware of polywell research, and how we might reach them.

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Google+ Hangout

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Would people be interested in doing a Google+ Hangout?

Like this:

Here are some folks, we might, do it with:

- Richard Hull
- M Simon
- Joel Rogers
- Joe Khachan
- Mr. Damideh
- Alex Klein
- Dan Tibbets
- Mark Suppes
- Ray Sedwick
- Taylor Wilson

Here are some suggested topics:

- Opinions on the Polywell’s overall viability (1 to 10) and why.
- Practical Problems building Fusors/Polywells.
- Mechanism discussion/debate
- Most important technical problem and why.
- What is needed to push the Polywell forward – technically? Organizationally? Funding-wise?
- News updates: promotion of self-projects, events, upcoming papers or web activities.
- Final thoughts.

What do you guys think?

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