Consider specific people in the fusion research community, business, or politics who should be made aware of polywell research, and how we might reach them.

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Post by Zixinus »

I've made a topic in There are allot of fellow geeks there, most of them would be interested in helping Polywell, if they could be convinced.

The topic link is: ... 27#2517327

If you can think that there is something to add, but too lazy to register up the forum, please name so.

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I had a look in. Good effort Zix. KUTGW. I agree about the cranks ... oftentimes in science, the cranks cause more trouble than you'd realise. I recall a recent paper about the beneficial effects of echinacaea ... the cranks have had a field day with ech, garlic, etc, and when a real study gets underway the researchers have a hard job convincing the journals even to look at it.


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Post by Nanos »

I had trouble a while ago convincing journalist friends of mine that this was real;

Broadband over gas piping.

Not helped when one of them phoned and no one answered either.

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