Who is "NextEnergyNews.com"?

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Who is "NextEnergyNews.com"?

Post by JoeStrout »

These guys apparently have an interest in our topic... but they created quite a buzz by posting an article that was apparently false.

I'm trying to find out who's running this site, and where they got their information; if it wasn't simply made up, there may yet be some good to be had from this. Of course I've already sent email to the address listed on the home page, but I just got back a standard "thanks for the tip" form letter.

Unfortunately, the domain is registered to Domains By Proxy, Inc., and I've already called them; they won't tell me who the real owner is.

However, a reverse lookup on their IP address ( leads to Micfo.com, a large hosting company. I'm not sure how to make more progress in that direction, though.

Anyone else have any idea how to contact this guy?
Joe Strout
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Post by Nanos »

I wonder, any connection between this lot;


And the site ?

I base my reasoning on;

google_ad_client = "pub-3297218487020303"

Being the same on both sites, also points to the same place, and it does have somewhat the look and feel does it not..

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