Polywell Visions: Weapons

If polywell fusion is developed, in what ways will the world change for better or worse? Discuss.

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Polywell Visions: Weapons

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4. Weapons will transcend our ability to survive any potential WW3 by several orders of magnitude. We will most likely renounce intraspecies warfare, or just as likely kill ourselves.

a. Giant microwave space based masers, could be used to heat up sections of the earth...

b. Polywell on a navy ship could power rail guns, lasers, masers, emp generators, and every other energy weapon that the navy has been drooling over since the cold war. Rail gun launched scramjet UAV's with mini-nuclear, bunker buster, and conventional pinpoint payloads would be neat on a polywell carrier or sub.

c. Polywell on a blimp for the USAF would provide a nuclear submarine in the sky, with all the same weapons as the nuclear navy ship. Lockheed is building the blimps already.

http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/generic/ ... 0606p2.xml

d. Millions of distributed radio transmitters that all intersect on a selected area could heat atmosphere to tremendous levels if powered by polywell grid. Kind of like tesla's scalar wave weapons, HAARP etc.

e. A giant tesla coil powered by a polywell could reverse the polarity of the the ionoshere/earth and short out every object that is connected to a ground, for example, everything connected to any power grid anywhere.

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