Hovercraft & Ekranoplan...

If polywell fusion is developed, in what ways will the world change for better or worse? Discuss.

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Hovercraft & Ekranoplan...

Post by Nik »

Rather than resurrect a thread from July, here's a thought...

The US LCAC and UK's SRN4 hover ferry (Rtd) would seem a fair match for a polywell's power, size and weight. Each vehicle could handle large, heavy loads ( Battle Tank, several dozen cars), each required thirsty engines, each could be converted to HV electric without too much engineering...

I suppose the other candidate would be ocean-going Ekranoplans / WIG vehicles...

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Post by ladajo »

Yup but nope.
Don't forget the diameter requirements for power. This would eat up deck space on an LCAC. The GTE's do well because the modules are narrow, and with one per side, they balance.

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