Futuring without extrapolating

If polywell fusion is developed, in what ways will the world change for better or worse? Discuss.

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Re: The effect of cheap fusion electricity on Velveta produc

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CharlesKramer wrote: For example, if fusion electricity is really 1/10th the cost of current electricity what would that do to the price of aluminum (one metal for which electricity is essential to extract it from rock)? Would aluminum became cheaper than it is today, at the same time as other metals become more expensive?
Actually, I kind of doubt that the price of aluminum would change much. It may not rise as fast as it otherwise would, but most aluminum is still refined using off peak power near major hydropower sources and such power is nearly free. Many grids use aluminum smelting as a load leveler which permits the construction of more base power systems rather than peaking power systems.

This available kind of power is disappearing however, so cheap fusion may continue the present pricing.

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