Tesla's Dream

If polywell fusion is developed, in what ways will the world change for better or worse? Discuss.

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I hate to resurrect this thread as my first act on this forum, but I've been studying Tesla's "World System" of wireless power and signal transmission recently. From what I've gathered, it was more capacitive than inductive. You needed a tuned capacitance circuit, where one side of the capacitor was Earth and part of the dielectric between the two sides of the capacitor was the atmosphere.

The following are long explanations on the subject:

(Yes, they're all on the same server but that's because the guy is good at explaining it. You can find less cogent explanations of the same thing all over.)

Tesla's power transmitter at Wardenclyffe was specifically designed to *decrease* the transmission of photons --how induction works. IE, it was *not* an inductive circuit. Which is to say, the above objections to the system are not entirely valid.

That being said, liquid fuels are still probably a better way to go for portable power supplies than the Tesla Antenna. Stationary ones, however, should be fine. The effects of such a system, however, I am too ignorant to speculate on.

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Thanks for sharing the links.
n*kBolt*Te = B**2/(2*mu0) and B^.25 loss scaling? Or not so much? Hopefully we'll know soon...

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The page on the earth transmission with Tesla coils is fascinating. It's the first time I've seen the idea easily presented.

Part if the problem Tesla had was that wireless power wasn't easily metered. With today's knowledge of encryption and frequency hopping and such, it would be much easier, and thus possibly profitable enough to do. While you couldn't keep someone from getting any power, without proper tuning what you do get is pretty much useless.
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