JT-60 Fusion in Japan

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JT-60 Fusion in Japan

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Re: JT-60 Fusion in Japan

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JT-60SA is an experimental device based on the tokamak concept...
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Re: JT-60 Fusion in Japan

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Re: JT-60 Fusion in Japan

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A major superconducting upgrade to an existing tokamak that was originally built in 1985. Doesn't use tritium, and still won't after the upgrade: that's ITER's job. Been in the planning stages since well before the Fukushima incident. Japan may well be turning from nuclear fission, but the article provides no evidence that it's turning to nuclear fusion, any more than it already has.
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Re: JT-60 Fusion in Japan

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JT-60 turned into JT-60U and now the latest phase JT-60SA has been finished: http://qedfusion.org/FPA/fpn20-30.shtml.

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