Arnie funding Polywell?

Point out news stories, on the net or in mainstream media, related to polywell fusion.

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This story then has had a most beneficial effect!! The Governator now knows about Polywell and knows there is a constituency out there for it.
I wouldn't hold my breath for that.
Too bad crap like this doesn't carry jail time. Reading about it was downright painful.
For what, the media lying?
But of course it's possible that one or more of those advisors will get curious this evening and do a bit of research on the topic, and if sufficiently impressed, could bring it up with the governor. Unlikely, but possible.
And once research, they will dismiss it as "oh, cold fusion". On the surface, Polywell still stinks.

People, nextenergynews has a section for "free energy". This people are as credible as the guy in the padded cell in the asylum.

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Re: Arnie funding Polywell?

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JoeStrout wrote:I've done some searching looking for confirmation, and while it turns up a lot of hits, it's mostly just bloggers quoting each other (as is typical in the blogosphere), all linking ultimately back to the first link above. The one at SpaceDev Info may be useful to watch, as they're as likely as anyone to be linked in to someone with first-hand information.
Hey all. I write most of the blog and yeah, we reported the (now false) story and posted a link to it when it came out. However, we could not verify the news, contacted the CA's gov's office, and then promptly removed the story from our site. It's a tough call when deciding to post those things. Such great news you want to get it up.... this time it bit back a bit.

Anyway, nice forum you all have here. I enjoy the discussions.

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Re: Arnie funding Polywell?

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Just to put closure on this, I had sent email to Dr. Bussard last week when this story broke. I got a reply this morning (edited to correct typos):
Dr. Bussard wrote:The CA report is totally false, so far as I know. We have no knowledge of it or its source. Probably some blogger having a spell.
So, there you have it. If the Governor's spokesman and policy advisors couldn't find anything about it, and Dr. Bussard hasn't heard anything about it, it seems pretty clear that the NEN web site (or their source) simply made it up. (Possible motive: increasing traffic to the NEN web site, in order to increase ad revenue.)
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